CIL Group code of Business Conduct:


We, CIL Group members, shall conduct our operations with honesty, integrity, pride, transparency and respect for human rights, the interests of our stakeholders and our responsibility to the environment.

1. Safety, Health and the Environment

In line with our mission, we strive for our safety, health and environmental performance to be exemplary. We are committed to making continuous and sustainable improvements in the management of our environmental impact and to improving the overall welfare of the environment, where we operate and beyond.

We will protect the environment and the health and safety of our team members, as well as our contractors, customers and the public.

In compliance with our Zero- Tolerance policy, we are dedicated to the principle that all workplace injuries, illnesses and adverse environmental impacts are preventable. By keeping to these principles, CIL Group will be identified as the best in our industry.

2. Obeying the Law

We will conduct business ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We expect our suppliers, vendors, agents, consultants, contractors, and other business partners to behave in accordance with our values and in accordance with the law and regulations.

3. Workplace

We are committed to a positive, constructive working environment, which is essential for long-term productivity. It is also the only way in which every one of our colleagues can be assured they will gain full satisfaction from their work and feel a full part of the CIL Group team. This environment must be based on mutual respect and be totally free of discrimination and harassment.

4. CIL Group Team Members

We respect each other, and acknowledge that each one of us is a unique individual endowed with dignity and nobility. We recruit and promote our team members solely on merit and their qualifications and skill-set for the job. There will be no discrimination of any kind. We celebrate the diversity of our team members.

5. Competition and Antitrust Law

We believe in aggressive yet fair competition that follows appropriate competition laws. The purpose of competition laws which are known as antitrust, monopoly, fair trade or cartel laws is to prevent interference with a competitive market system. Under these laws, companies may not enter into agreements or coordinate their conduct with other companies in a manner however informal that unreasonably restricts competition. Legal advice is to be sought from the Legal department, in case of doubt.

6. Protecting Our Assets

We are committed to protecting our assets and information, including physical assets and proprietary information, which are of great value to our competitiveness and success as a business. Our proprietary information includes intellectual property that is the product of the hard work of many talented people, as well as business-confidential data, including passwords and similar information entrusted to many team members in connection with their jobs. We never disclose proprietary information to anyone outside of the company. All inquiries for such information should be directed towards the Legal Department. Physical resources are to be used within working boundaries; limiting personal use. Also, physical resources are to be safeguarded, well-maintained, and protected from theft.

7. Business Integrity

We conduct our business with total integrity. We neither accept nor give bribes or gifts that may be construed as a bribe. The definition of these gifts includes not only material goods, but also services, benefits, promotional premiums or discounts on personal purchases of goods and services that may influence a CIL Group team member’s operational judgment

8. Recording and Reporting Information

We are committed to recording and reporting information accurately, transparently and in a timely fashion. Each person entering data into any of the company’s information systems is responsible for doing so rapidly, accurately and maintaining the rules of confidentiality.


This Code applies to all members of the CIL Group team. By using and following this Code and other Company policies, each of us plays a vital role in ensuring that our business activities are legally compliant and consistent with our values and principles.  Our officers review recommendations on policies, standards, guidelines and procedures pertaining to this Code. The Legal Department is responsible for providing appropriate legal guidance under this Code and for interpreting applicable laws, regulations and government orders. The Legal Department and the Company’s internal audit are available to answer questions, give advice, address concerns, and investigate allegations related to the meaning and application of this Code.

Reporting Misconduct

We are one team and we should each be responsible for maintaining the highest values and integrity. We will therefore be prepared to report any concern about what appears to be inappropriate behaviour wherever it occurs in the organization. There are several ways to bring this to the attention of our designated personnel who will assist you in resolving questions involving ethics and conduct.

In addition to CIL Group team members, CIL Group suppliers, vendors, contractors, customers and joint-venture partners can report any suspected business misconduct, ethical concern or compliance issue to CIL Group via CIL Group’s confidential, anonymous and independently administered Compliance Hotline. Reports to the Compliance Hotline are handled on a confidential basis by a third party administrator, which forwards reports to CIL Group Legal Department for handling. All CIL Group team members should advise their third-party business partners of their duty to report any such concerns via the Compliance Hotline.

We encourage you to raise issues with your supervisor, but you can also contact the CIL Group Legal Department, or pursue the issue with any higher level member of management. Your concerns will be acted upon and will be received with proper attention and confidentiality. The Company will not tolerate any threats or acts of retaliation or retribution that are used in an attempt to stop you from reporting something that concerns you.

Code of Business Note:

We give the utmost importance to this Code of Business Conduct and all members of the CIL Group team have a duty to follow every part of it. Keeping to these principles protects our lives, our credibility, our reputation and our ability to sustain our business.  Therefore, there will be the most serious consequences for any individual who is found to have demonstrated any behaviour or action that is in breach of this Code.